About the Oregon Drum Myrtlewood Series (Steambent Models)

Oregon Drum Myrtlewood Series Steambent Shelled Snare

Due to a series of circumstances beyond our control, the run of Myrtlewood Series Steambent models has come to an end. Please see the News/Events section of our site for more information.

How is the construction of our Myrtlewood Steambent Shell Drum unique?

Steambent, single-ply shells are often referred to as 'solid' by other companies. While our solids are TRUE solid, one piece, seamless shells, a steambent shell is the next purest construction method. The shell walls on these high quality drums are built from a single plank of wood, steambent into a cylinder. With the included hardwood reinforcement rings, this type of construction creates a sturdy shell once it is scarf-jointed together and turned on a lathe. This construction method greatly improves the quality of wood in contact with the drum head as there only a single, angled glue joint. Many prefer the slightly more focused tone of a pre-stressed, steambent shell. They are also more reliable outside of the studio, where the effects of repeated temperature and humidity changes can take a toll on true solids. The Myrtlewood stock is carefully selected specific to each shell, resulting in a drum with unique visual and audible character.

Oregon Drum Myrtlewood Series Steambent Shell

Bearing edges and snare beds are precision cut with a combination of tools, while detailed and finish-sanded by hand. Hardware mounting points are determined individually for each shell and precision drilled with a press. The shell is given a final sanding with various grades before finishing.

Oregon Drum Myrtlewood Series Steambent Close-Up

Lug isolation is taken to the extreme on steambent models with external washers and stainless steel versions of the machine screws, bonded neoprene washers and lock washers. The Nickel strainer system with Puresound wires is standard on all steambent Myrtlewood Series drums. A premium cast strainer with matching adjustable butt (similar to that on Free Floating models) is available as a no cost option. This system better allows for proper centering of the wires throughout the tension adjustment range. The plating combinations are coordinated to your drum.

Starting with the 2005 model year, Oregon Drum has incorporated it's own unique lug design into it's Myrtlewood Series Steambent models. This lug features a body designed, manufactured and finished right here in Coos Bay, with the insert components sourced from and plated by other US companies. This ambitious move is but one of the steps we've taken to keep our business at home, doing everything we can to support the local economy. High grade materials and alloys coupled with stainless assembly hardware ensure the highest quality. While an expensive route, it's one we decided to take in order to incorporate features deemed crucial to a premium drum.

Oregon Drum VTHC lug

Among our new lug's features is the VTHC™ (Vertically True / Horizontally Compensating) system that assures a smooth tension rod alignment from top to bottom hoop regardless of the minor variances in shell diameter and/or hoop tolerances. This allows for a single-point or tube lug design that maintains proper tension rod alignment on both horizontal and vertical planes. Additional lug strength is assured by the use of stainless machine screws larger than those of a typical lug in combination with our traditional isolation methods.

All Steambent Myrtlewood Series models for 2005 will feature this new lug as shown within the updated design preview and ordering system.

Once the drum is assembled and passes a final inspection, it is placed in a high quality case (complete with Myrtlewood Oregon Drum badge), carefully packaged and shipped.

Myrtlewood Case Badge Close-up - Oregon Drum Trademark