Oregon Drum's Philosophy

It's no coincidence that a Myrtle tree is in our logo. Much like this native Oregon hardwood, we are content to grow slowly, drawing daily from our roots and the resources around us. The experiences and ideals that provide our foundation are reflected in everything we have to offer.

You may have noticed we're called Oregon Drum, not Oregon Drums. This subtle difference reflects our focus on the single most important drum in your kit... the snare. We've created state-of-the art online design and pricing systems in order to provide you with a relaxed environment to discover what makes a drum truly Oregon.

Oregon Drum is committed to supporting our local economy. Wherever practical, we utilize local vendors for materials, components and related services. We wouldn't have it any other way. The vast resources of the Oregon Coast extend far beyond Myrtlewood.

We only want to do something if we can do it without compromise.