Myrtlewood Series Solids Ending

A season of change that has moved through our local Myrtlewood industry has created a similar season of change at Oregon Drum.

For the past three years that we've produced the Myrtlewood Series Solid Shell models, we have relied upon a well established local network of milling & kilning facilities with nearly 100 years of business history. While there have been two major ownership transfers in the past year, the most damaging has been the recent sale of a local 40,000 square foot factory that has ultimately resulted in the dismantling and re-structuring of this long-standing production facilitiy. All drying kilns are empty and the industrial grade equipment necessary for early stages of solid shell production has ceased operation. To make matters worse, nearly a year's worth of our reserve shell stock was otherwise consumed during this transition.

The Solid Shell models were never intended for large scale production numbers. It was always the goal of Oregon Drum to produce a unique product in limited quantities in order to preserve the exclusivity of the line. As the events of the past few months have unfolded, the numbers were crunched on continuing the series with in-house processes. Simply put, there is no fiscally reponsible way to continue this series with the equipment and utilities required to do so.

The end of the Myrtlewood Series Solid Shell models is a time of mixed feelings. While we are saddened to see the series come to an end, we are at the same time honored and blessed to have been there to bring the series to life in the first place. While we will always believe that this locally grown hardwood is best served in solid form, we have plenty of other ways to bring this beautiful, exotic wood species to drummers across the globe.

As we update our inventory of demo drums and work our way through various shells in our shop we may have a few of the remaining solids made available through the 'Oregon Drum Wood Pile' section of our site.