Oregon Drum Ceases Production

Due to the evolving economic, political and environmental landscape throughout the world and closer to home, Oregon Drum has chosen to cease production of its unique line of snare drums built from exotic hardwoods.

For the four years (2002-2006) that we produced the Myrtlewood Series Solid Shell models, we relied upon a well established local network of milling & kilning facilities with nearly 100 years of business history. By early 2006, these facilities had changed hands and many processes necessary to our own production were idled by the new owners. We were able to shift into producing only Steambent and Stave shelled models for a while, but the flagship Solids discontinuation removed much of the uniqueness of our operation.

The end of the Myrtlewood Series Solid Shell models also began a time of great struggle in finding alternate suppliers for lumber and replacement processes for production of other shell types. The recent economic downturn had eventually brought down several partner businesses such as platers and hardware suppliers.

We only want to do something if we can do it without compromise.

This core of our philosophy has been there from the beginning. By late 2008, we found ourselves forced to examine that core philosophy closely. We firmly believe that an Oregon Drum should be an Oregon Drum. Maintaining production with Oregon suppliers, local materials and domestic components has proven to make our products cost-prohibitive to our target market in today's economic climate. Rather than lower our standards or raise our prices, we have chosen to cease production as it can no longer be done without compromise.

We are truly blessed to have been a part of bringing Myrtlewood to its acoustic life. We would like to thank the many customers that have bought our drums over the years. With thousands of other options out there, your choice to play an Oregon Drum brings forth great satisfaction from the struggles we've endured to bring them to you. As the rest of the industry wakes up to alternative woods for drum construction, we hope you consider yourselves pioneers of the acoustic realm.

Oregon Drum will continue to be involved, on a local level, with drums and drumming. We are making the archives of our web site available for the forseeable future. Feel free to check in on us once in a while, as we are always thinking of ways to bring drummers something uniquely Oregon.