A Visit With Larry Washington

There are a lot of great things about having a small drum company on the Oregon Coast. One of these is the opportunity to meet some amazing players that come through the area for various festivals. While such venues are typically stops between larger cities, we'll take all of the talent we can get!

Oregon Drum recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Larry Washington as he was in town with well known jazz & gospel greats Yve Evans & Company. After Larry gave some of the latest Oregon Drum models a workout, we took a trip down to the local studios of KYSJ Smooth Jazz, where Larry gave a drive-time interview (with a flattering plug for Oregon Drum). He spent some time talking about the annual Jazz Festival weekend and his new solo project, Spiritual Conversations. (By the way, Larry never DID let go of that drum in the picture.)

The highlight of the weekend came (between our own scheduled playing engagements) the opportunity to hear Yve Evans & Company at the Sunday Gospel Sevice at Celebration Center. To hear a style of music seldom heard locally, being played and LIVED by such a talented group of artists makes all of the daily struggles of running a small drum company worthwhile.

To hear some of Larry's work and find out more about his extensive career, visit his web site at Beatworkz Ltd. Look for his Spiritual Conversations project soon!