Hollywood Custom & Vintage Drum Show

Oregon Drum's mobile display

Oregon Drum was well represented at the Hollywood Custom & Vintage Drum Show, the weekend of October 2-3, 2004 at the historic Remo Percussion Center.

We had a number of Myrtlewood Series concept drums and 2005 models on display in addition to show specific specials. The Myrtlewood Series display featured new Solid, Segment, Stave and Steambent shelled models.

Oregon Drum's in-booth view

The level of noise was extreme at times, with hundreds of different drums from a number of companies being auditioned at any given time. The clinics and giveaways were one of them few opportunities to hear individual drums in play.

Oregon Drum's youngest known snare owner

Among the clinics was a practical look into the business of career drumming. John "Bermuda" Schwartz of "Weird Al" fame was on hand to lead attendees through the world of landing gigs, keeping gigs and managing the rest of your life in the process.

Oregon Drum president with Bermuda

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Hollywood Custom & Vintage Drum Show

Oregon Drum is proud to be a part of this ongoing effort to promote the works of custom drum builders.